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    Scarlet Marines

    October 23, 2011 by FluttershyOakley, I guess you could say I received some tragic news. Um...not everypony understood him, not everypony followed his train of thought, but, um, it is undeniable that Scarlet Marines brought a great deal of interest, if not joy, to any conversation. Um...Scarlet has said to me t-that he'll no longer be using his account on any wiki. I mean, um....I respect his decision, I may not understand its cause, but, um, he has stated it to be final. Um, I hope everypony will join me in visiting the only wikia he will from this point on be involved in, um, The Galactic War For Domination And Liberation Wiki. Obviously, um, I don't speak for anypony else, but I'd be surprised to hear somepony state they will not miss his company, I know I certa…

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