This is my first blog, so if it turns out funky in the end dont blame me, blame Mr. pink for not giving me tips on how to do this

Like the title says What did Past COD games have that brought innovation to the series?

I have played MW1, World At War, MW2, Black Ops, MW3

But im only gonna bring up the most recent ones Black Ops and MW3

Black Ops

  1. Variable zoom scope for players that actually snipe
  2. Flamethrower underbarrel wasnt great but New, asside from the M2 from WaW
  3. Dual Mag for quicker reload and double ammo
  4. New equipment, Camera spike, Motion sensor, Jammer and decoy grenades and nova gas although not equipment but they are new
  5. Special weapons Crossbow and ballistic knife
  6. New perk ideas and perk selection affects character appearance
  7. New killstreaks + killstreaks dont stack

I could go into more detail about black ops cuz they really added a ton of new stuff, Theater mode, COD points, emblem editor, wager matches dolphin diving and the list goes on

Modern Warfare 3

  1. Weapon proficiency
  2. Strike packages
  3. Prestige Shop
  4. New game modes
  5. New attachments and weapons
  6. Weapon leveling, I actually like that, it should be buy weapon with COD points and level up for more attachments
  7. New perk ideas and inclusion of the inFamous MOAB

There is more but I dont want this blog to be to long, as you can see both developers add NEW major and minor additions to each game they release.

With the release of Black Ops II what do you think they will they add or remove? or possibly customize you know take a idea and change it.

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