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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello, everyone. This is FromDvToZombies here. And welcome to potentially my final blog post revolving around Black Ops III - Community News. The thing is, I feel a bit sad, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I will explain what I mean, after the video. Enjoy this beautiful master piece in its full glory!

    What makes me sad, are the facts that Call of Duty: Black Ops III has come to and end. And the fact that Black Ops III Zombies started off epic. We were introduced to the Shadows of Evil cast, Richtofen went in, thru a portal, and he stole the Summoning Key. Then, we completed the Giant Fly Trap Easter Egg, and we ended up on Der Eisendrache. The way that Dempsey went out, was very sad, and Takeo's death was even more sa…

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello, and welcome to this very special edition of Call of Duty News. Today, we're going to be going over, the recently completed Easter Egg, on the DLC 4 Zombies map, REVELATIONS. First, comes the video, which although randomly selected, needs to be credited! So, all credit goes to 'The Lone Zombie' for providing this High Quality video for us to enjoy!

    Maxis: Sophia?

    Sophia: Maxis!

    Maxis: You know what we must do, my dear.

    Sophia: Yes, my love.

    Maxis: We will do it, together. As one, we are, now, and forever.

    Dr. Monty: With the evil vanquished - I can start making it all nice again. No undead. No Apothicons. No Shadow Man. All of it... GONE, forever. But if... here is the funny thing: You snowflakes shouldn't even still be here. You should b…

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello everybody. This is going to be a short blog post, with a detailed transcript and a future update, which will feature a breakdown. I know that I haven't posted a blog about the Takeo_Memories segment, nor about the Dempsey_Memories segment, so apologies for that. Here's the video about Dr. Monty...

    "This. Is. It."

    "The Eather. The infinite. The reality beyond..."

    "Behind the world you know. Beyond your perception..."

    "Things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better."

    "You changed the rules."

    "There are certain things that you can't ever change."

    "All I ask, is that you do the right thing."

    "The right thing... for everyone."

    • REVELATIONS gets teased once again, just as at the end of the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg.

    • Dr. Monty appears to wea…

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  • FromDvToZombies

    Hello, and how's it going? As you probably heard by the title, (and no - this is not a dream, although it might seem like one), Call of Duty, will have it's own Comic Book, centered around Zombies. We got a lot of details to discuss, so sit back, relax, and get overhyped, because these news are beyond anything we could have ever imagined, for the future of our beloved Zombies story-line.

    First thing's first. When will the Comic Book release? Well, it will be released after Jason Blundell himself, attends Comic Con, this year, as he signs autographs and discuss Zombies. It is set to hit Comic stands at the 19th of October, 2016, to be exact.

    Furthermore, the Comic will be in 6 parts, at least that is the current plan. And it will feature the …

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  • FromDvToZombies

    So, the new DLC 3 Zombies map for Black Ops III has finally been revealed, and it's called Gorod Krovi. Translated to English, this means, "City of Blood", which in itself is a great name for a zombies map. Now, let's watch this awesome trailer, shall we?

    - The PPSH is returning! And holy moly, does it look better than ever before! (as expected)

    - Either a Ray Gun Mark III or a Wave Gun Mark II is returning, as seen within the short showcase, of the mystery box, and some of it's amazing, new weapons.

    - Additionally, the FFAR, the MX Garand and the Shadow Claw is spotted within the trailer.

    - There seems to be a new version of the Thunder Fist from Origins returning. As of now I'm lacking enough details to describe it.

    - Dragons are returning, a…

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