So, the new DLC 3 Zombies map for Black Ops III has finally been revealed, and it's called Gorod Krovi. Translated to English, this means, "City of Blood", which in itself is a great name for a zombies map. Now, let's watch this awesome trailer, shall we?

Official Call of Duty® Black Ops III – Descent DLC Pack Gorod Krovi Trailer01:36

Official Call of Duty® Black Ops III – Descent DLC Pack Gorod Krovi Trailer

City of Blood

What I noticed

- The PPSH is returning! And holy moly, does it look better than ever before! (as expected)

- Either a Ray Gun Mark III or a Wave Gun Mark II is returning, as seen within the short showcase, of the mystery box, and some of it's amazing, new weapons.

- Additionally, the FFAR, the MX Garand and the Shadow Claw is spotted within the trailer.

- There seems to be a new version of the Thunder Fist from Origins returning. As of now I'm lacking enough details to describe it.

- Dragons are returning, and at least one of them is confirmed for us to ride on.

- Group 935 built Drones, which appears similar to the Parasites from Shadows of Evil, appears to be the new boss round. This means that we won't see any dogs nor any spiders (obviously) within this map.

- What appears to be a zombie boss, was seen in the trailer. He's left arm has a sickle, and his right arm consists of some sort of wonder weapon, which can shoot some sort of pulsar blasts. More than one is seen on the map at the same time, within the trailer.

- A new type of zombie, which sadly looks like some sort of a EMP zombie, is seen within the trailer.

- Something strange, which I could be story-line related was also seen. At the start of the trailer (a few seconds in), you're able to see a train, crashed into the ground. The train has a location written on it, which states: "Belinski Square". Considering this is the map dedicated to both versions of Nikolai Belinski, this can't just be a coincidence, can it?

- And a lot more which will be updated soon!

So, what are your opinions about the new trailer? Did you like what you saw? Comment down below and get the discussion going! Treyarch has listened to the community, and I for one, think they have stepped their game up, more than requested. Have a great day!

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