Hello, and how's it going? As you probably heard by the title, (and no - this is not a dream, although it might seem like one), Call of Duty, will have it's own Comic Book, centered around Zombies. We got a lot of details to discuss, so sit back, relax, and get overhyped, because these news are beyond anything we could have ever imagined, for the future of our beloved Zombies story-line.

First thing's first. When will the Comic Book release? Well, it will be released after Jason Blundell himself, attends Comic Con, this year, as he signs autographs and discuss Zombies. It is set to hit Comic stands at the 19th of October, 2016, to be exact.

Furthermore, the Comic will be in 6 parts, at least that is the current plan. And it will feature the Tranzit Crew, in a search for the Kronorium, guided by Origins Richtofen. Or as they said it...

"On his quest to secure an ancient artifact known as The Kronorium, Doctor Edward Richtofen enlists the help of The Tranzit Crew, a rag tag group of survivors last seen in the Black Ops II Zombies installment Buried. On a deeply unstable and fractured future Earth, Stuhlinger, Misty, Russman, and Marlton battle for survival against the undead horde, as they slowly uncover the truth behind Richtofen’s mysterious reappearance. The Call of Duty: Zombies miniseries follows these characters’ perilous journey of discovery, filling in crucial pieces of the larger Zombies Story."

Link the the article:

There is not much else to talk about. I was originally supposed to write about the new Gorod Krovi Intro Cutscene, but my plans were cut short, due to this extremely spectacular and awesome reveal.

Though the community didn't receive the Green Run crew that good, I still enjoyed their story-arc. However, I got faith in Jason Blundell, which has proven himself worthy of both directing and writing Zombies, countless amount of times. - To bring the Green Run crew to justice, as well as to deliver the promised conclusion, in a detailed and satisfying manner.

This has been FromDvToZombies, and I'm signing off. Have a great day everyone!