Hello everyone. This will be a blog post coverage of the new Richtofen memory trailer Treyarch just released.

To start off, we will have to watch this amazingly story-line packed video, in order to break it down:

Official Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Treyarch – Richtofen

Official Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Treyarch – Richtofen

"The BLOOD will protect me"

So, let's break it down. First I'm going to write down everything Richtofen says, and then, I will explain some of the hidden meanings behind this trailer.

"My name is Edward Richtofen, und I have been trying SO very hard, to do the right thing."

"Long ago, I made a promise... a vow... to protect him."

"In order to keep my word, I have done bad things, VERY bad things..."

"I do not regret the pain that I have caused, because none of it really matters."

"This moment. This... me."

"All of it... will soon be gone."

"I have lied. I've cheated. I have deceived."

"All for a purpose, you could never understand."

"I would not change a single thing."

"He thinks I do not know, but I DO!"

"The BLOOD... will protect me."


This very trailer, introduces us to some of Richtofen's true emotions. I hope we will see more of this in-game, during DLC 3 or DLC 4's continuation. In this trailer, there where quite a lot of direct symbolism which I will of course explain, as well as, what all of this means for the current story-line.

- When Richtofen says "I do not regret the pain that I caused, because none of it really matters", he looks up on the Moon, reflecting on the events that took place during the map "Moon" and how much pain that got caused after the climactic moment where WW2 Richtofen swaps body with Samantha, and so on.

- When Richtofen says "I have lied", the camera shows the Blood Vials. When Richtofen says "I've cheated", the camera shows Richtofen's bone saw. And when Richtofen says "I have deceived", the camera shows Richtofen's hands covered in blood. This is symbolizing both known and unknown events that took place thru ought Richtofen's life.

- During this entire trailer, Richtofen refers to a specific character as "he". He is of course referring to Maxis...

- Also, when Richtofen says "he thinks I do not know, but I DO!", he refers to one of the many radio messages we get on Zetsubou no Shima, where Maxis tells Richtofen that he has "withheld certain truths for you". - Another interesting thing having to do with Maxis in this trailer, is the fact that Richtofen made a promise and a vow... to protect Maxis. This has never been mentioned until now, and it's very peculiar, to say the least.

- Now to the most juiciest bit of information... "The BLOOD will protect me." What could this possibly mean? We know about the Blood Vials Richtofen collected from Sal and Finn at Mob of The Dead before Origins. And we know that Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo now also has two untagged Blood Vials on them, after the Zetsubou no Shima Easter Egg. But honestly, how can they be useful?

- When Richtofen says "The BLOOD will protect me", we can see that flames surround him. A slight nod to the fact that Mob of The Dead was set in a purgatory, with those characters being stuck in their own simulated hell?

A conclusion to this blog post

Thank you for reading this blog post. I will update it whenever I can, and I will make sure to hold every one of your updated, with new Zombies information. So stay tuned, and have an awesome day!

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