Hello, and welcome to this very special edition of Call of Duty News. Today, we're going to be going over, the recently completed Easter Egg, on the DLC 4 Zombies map, REVELATIONS. First, comes the video, which although randomly selected, needs to be credited! So, all credit goes to 'The Lone Zombie' for providing this High Quality video for us to enjoy!

REVELATIONS Easter Egg ending cutscene02:50

REVELATIONS Easter Egg ending cutscene

Although the end, it is certainly not concluding!


Maxis: Sophia?

Sophia: Maxis!

Maxis: You know what we must do, my dear.

Sophia: Yes, my love.

Maxis: We will do it, together. As one, we are, now, and forever.

Dr. Monty: With the evil vanquished - I can start making it all nice again. No undead. No Apothicons. No Shadow Man. All of it... GONE, forever. But if... here is the funny thing: You snowflakes shouldn't even still be here. You should be fading out of existence by now. Those Blood Vials!

Edward Richtofen: I was wondering when you'd bring this up.

Dr. Monty: They're from realities we've already closed off! They shouldn't be here... they CAN'T be here! Such a paradox means you're putting my perfect world at risk! You guys and your... bloody free will! What to do?!? WHAT TO DO?!?!? Well, you certainly can't stay here.

Edward Richtofen: You could send us somewhere else... somewhere we've never been.

Dr. Monty: Mmmm... I suppose I could make a little corner somewhere in history - a place where I can dump some of the other shit that I've left over! Or, I'll just wipe you from existence. Oooooh! Hang on! Actually... that all works out perfectly!

Now, where is our promised conclusion Treyarch?

Don't misunderstand me, this is an epic cut-scene and all, however, we were promised that, certain things would be concluded before or at least during this map. And, well... those promises seems to have kind of fallen flat during Black Ops III's life cycle. Now, some of the things that weren't concluded, includes specific "mysteries", if that's the proper word to use for this...

- The Blood Vials (brought up by Monty, last time mentioned)

- How did the Blood Vials' content, protect Richtofen? (brought up by Richtofen during his trailer, never heard of again)

- What became of our crew? (A new mystery, as of this cut-scene. They were wiped from existence, and then reborn? Or: , and then sent back in time?)

- Why did the Summoning Key follow Maxis and Sophia? (A new mystery, as of this cut-scene)

- Why was an image taken from the end cut-scene of Revelations, scattered around Origins? (A new mystery, as of this cut-scene)

And more! Will be added later! :D

Conclusion and Question of Today

With that, comes the conclusion of a soon 9 year old story-line, which we have grown to love over the years - some people, like me, loved it from the start. While an unsatisfying ending, it didn't really give me the feels of a proper conclusion, which could mean, that we will see more from Zombies, within Treyarch's next game, potentially truly concluding, this story-line. If not, this conclusion was so much less than what it could have been.

So, with that, I will ask you this (as the Question of Today): Did the REVELATIONS Easter Egg end cut-scene concluded enough of the story-line, for it to be a proper conclusion, and if so, did you enjoy it?

Have a great day! And update is on it's way soon! Stay tuned! And keep those headshots going!

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