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Hello everyone, and welcome to this Zombies blog post. Today, I would like to discuss the new Zetsubou no Shima trailer for Xbox One and PC, that dropped a few hours ago. Just like the previous trailer (for Der Eisendrache), which I sadly didn't cover, there where a lot of strange events unfolding, that can't actually be explained, without speculating about different time-lines being represented in this video. At the end of this section in this particular blog post, you will be allowed to see the trailer in its full glory. Afterwards, I would like to talk about a few strange events, that occurs within this very video. Enjoy the five minute and four seconds long trailer!:

Official Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Treyarch – Zetsubou No Shima05:05

Official Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Treyarch – Zetsubou No Shima

Now, I would like to ask you one particular question: is the strange events that I will talk more about later on, caused due to different time-lines? or, does it show us how the events actually played out? One thing I would like to point out is: Similar unexplainable events did occur within the Der Eisendrache Promo trailer as well, so this isn't exactly new to us.

The unexplainable events:

There are so many unexplainable events taking place, that I cannot talk about all of them, and therefor, I will choose to talk about the most important ones (story-line wise), with these events being:

- Takeo appears to have killed Richtofen, Dempsey and Nikolai within the trailer, but later on we can confirm that Richtofen is alive, as the plane that flies over Takeo 2.0's head, flies above Richtofen's head as well, right as the scene changes to Richtofen, inside the "dragon experiment room". Him killing the other three characters, are most likely the results of spore hallucinations.

- Both Takeo 1.0 and Takeo 2.0 gets consumed by vines, most likely due to hallucinations. However, this might be how Takeo 1.0 turns into the monster we fight, during the boss fight.

- Takeo 1.0 kills himself within either Lab A or Lab B (I believe it is Lab A).

- Richtofen's skin seems to be very pale and he seems to be sweating a lot whilst inside of the "Dragon Experiment Room", after a while, he proceeds to throw a lantern at all of the schematics inside of it, causing a burning inferno. This scene, amongst others, uses the same animations as the ones we saw, both during the ZNS prologue, as well as the Easter Egg cut-scene.

- Takeo 1.0 holds the Summoning Key at some point inside of this trailer. This is most likely an alternate time-line.

- We see the Japanese Division 9 soldiers that we saw during the intro, holding Takeo 1.0, instead of Takeo 2.0, leading him towards the spider cave. The same animation that got used during the ZNS prologue got reused for this scene.

- We see Richtofen reflecting himself in one of the testing pods inside the underground bunker area, as well as we see Dempsey touching the Imprint plant, making both scenes emotional, in the sense that it characterizes the characters even more. I find this very intriguing and interesting myself.

- Takeo 2.0 seems to be talking/interacting with the Thrasher, at a later scene, we see the thrasher consume Richtofen 2.0. Is it connected, in some twisted way?

- The KT-4 shots seems to be colored yellow in one particular scene, however, its most likely due to fixed camera angles, as well as different color schemes that Treyarch added into the trailer as special effects.

That is all I managed to gather out of the trailer as of yet. Please tell us if you've spotted something else, that I forgot to mention / didn't notice.

I am aware that this might just be made for cinematic purposes, however, they did this for a reason. I believe they wanted to illustrate different time-lines. However, you guys/girls might have a different theory/idea. What I would really like to know is: what actually happened in our current story-line? - What we see in game? Or, what we see during this trailer? Which events did actually occur? Is this all a dream? DLC 3 and 4 might have the answers. We'll have to wait and see...

Have a great day, and keep the discussion going! :D

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