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    As the title says above, Ghost's skills have been revealed in Call of Duty: Heroes.

    Apparently, there was a contest (on FB? Idk.) which presumably was to guess Ghost's skills, and the winners got 550 Celerium. The skills are:

    Gunship (calls in an AC-130 to sweep the area. Fires 25mm, 40mm, 105mm rounds.)

    AT4 (Deploys rocket launcher. Damages defensive units and ground units.)

    EMP Artillery (calls an artillery strike to bombard an area for a short time. Damages and disables turrets for a short time.)

    Seems like Ghost is gonna be the "OPiest" character.

    And judging from the looks, it seems like the EMP Artillery is gonna be unlocked at hero level 20, like Price, Yuri, and Wallcroft. No surprise there...

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