I Know this is far fetched but extinction is rumored to be Aliens.

Charlie Intel released some achivements and one avatar of the achivements is interesting.

It is Skull but it doesn't look like its from humor nor animal. Therfore we could be fighting aliens or Mutants

but sorry probally not Mutants.....Another achivement is called "Cabin Fever" which is probally a refrence from the movie "Cabin Fever".

And, another achivements has 'Traps' would we really set Fire or Elecuite Human Beings or Animals?

Finally in Conclusion to these achivements the game mode is a 4 Player Mode, Co-Op. Similar to Treyarchs Zombies.

If this is true me and possibly all zombies fans might give this a try.

I know I will but if this isn't aliens then what is it?

Comment Below what you think "Extinction" is.

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