Area 51

Has anyone seen the chalkboard in five at the war room? well me and my freind were playing five and kino der toten and der reise (literally) and on five on the chalkboard on the war room, in the date section on the chalkboard it dates to the rosewell alein crashing and i spotted a alien canister on kino der toten if you look carefully it looks like a alein(it may not to you) and the wonder weapons and the zombies are powerd up by element 115 a alein substance,on der reise on the radio messeges ludvig mentions the nevada base (area 51) has allot of element 115,on shi no numa there is a element 115 meteor that powers the zombies, on Vurruct the bloody messages has a numbers written on them that dates to tunguska event and some how the germans and the alleis got some element 115 and that explains the zombie out break !


by GM19

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