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  • GTA Myth Hunter01

    Hello, and welcome to my CoD: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies analysis of the upcoming zombie mode in the Havoc DLC.

    Theres gonna be 4 main characters (as always) wich is played by famous peoples, the main character seems to be Ozz (played by John Malkovich) because hes the one telling the story.

    There also seems to be a campaign witn a story line because the trailers doesnt reveal the full story.

    Now, heres a few things I think seems very interesting:


    That's right! As shown in the trailer it seems that you get various weapons from a 3D-printer instead of the mystery box, wich will make it harder to find out what guns your gonna get.

    New Type of Hounds:

    The new types of hounds does not have flames nor looks like a hound, instead, its a m…

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  • GTA Myth Hunter01

    Hello, Im back again with another weird quotes that are said in the zombies storyline...

    So, what I`ve discovered is that Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai is all saying 1 quote each where they talk fully American... Im not sure if its to honor that level because it was the first level to feature a teleporters, but its strange... Richtofen says: "Does anyone needs any balls to (Don't remember), Calm down Nikolai" And Nikolai says something with "...Don't get exited", im not 100 persent sure but Nikolai has a less deeper voice and Richtofen got a more lady voice, also, Takeo is also saying something, this is heard rarely but it needs to be checked out...

    That was all :) Thanks for watching! Say your opinion under

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  • GTA Myth Hunter01

    Hello, I don`t know if any of your have played TRANIT lately, but now, since the last update, a new quote has occurred, this quote is not like hes other quotes and it seems that he begins to do the same things as a human, now, this might now be really "A big thing" but, before your read the quote, I have to remind your that when in the quote it stands *coughts* he actually coughts...

    He sdays something like: "FBI *coughts* is aware of your location *Coughts* termination" or, "FBI *coughts* is aware of your lo-*coughts*-cation" im not sure, but its a really weird quote and Ive heard it 9 times the last 3 days, I have not heard it exactly because he has an robotic voice and everytime I hear him, Im ontop of the bus...

    Anyways, Ive noticed that…

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  • GTA Myth Hunter01

    Last time I created a page about the song "We All Fall Down" was the zombies story seen from Maxis side, this time, When looking at the text of "Not Ready To Die" I can see its from Richtofens side...Now, I don't have any pages to support this, but still finds the evidences really matching...

    Heres why:

    -The text talks about controlling the world and "Loyality is no match for power" and, as we all know, Richtofen sees himself as a powerfull creature and in the Last Part of hes Diary, he talks about that he cannot trust hes friends anymore therefor no loyality, also the text says: "To daddys little girl to read the writings on the wall" wich could mean that he forced Samantha to read something from the wall, and at the begging of that text it…

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  • GTA Myth Hunter01

    Hello, I was on the internet when I found a breakdown from Rissole25, that the song "We All Fall Down" was the story of the zombies seen from Maxis side!, Heres why:

    The song gives multiple references to Richtofen on the eather and when he damned Samantha and Maxis, it also gives referances to a possible cure...

    Your most see this yourself:

    This is a new chapter that explains how it happened and what Richtofen uses his time on...

    It talks about that they used helicase (DNA separation) and 115 to create zombies, also how this is like the great Pledge of London in 1665, Theres also about Group 935`s work and how he regrets making zombies...

    Im sorry this …

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