Hello, and welcome to my CoD: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies analysis of the upcoming zombie mode in the Havoc DLC.

Theres gonna be 4 main characters (as always) wich is played by famous peoples, the main character seems to be Ozz (played by John Malkovich) because hes the one telling the story.

There also seems to be a campaign witn a story line because the trailers doesnt reveal the full story.

Now, heres a few things I think seems very interesting:


That's right! As shown in the trailer it seems that you get various weapons from a 3D-printer instead of the mystery box, wich will make it harder to find out what guns your gonna get.

New Type of Hounds:

The new types of hounds does not have flames nor looks like a hound, instead, its a mutated hound with a chain-teeths wich goes 3 ways out of its mouth, it also has a green-yellow color and looks like its kindof toxic.

EMP zombies:

The EMP zombies has an electricity field around them, if it touches you, all of your exo abilities gets shutted off just like when EMPed.

Exploding zombies:

Its not really easy to tell but it seems like some zombies explode and throws green goo out of it, the affect may be the EMP zombies, it hasent been confirmed yet.


As ConquerOfAllZombies said in the comment, theres going to be double points and insta kill.

Also, theres an exo ability where you can upgrade guns, just like in the co-op survival mode. Sorry about this analysis being short, but its my first analysis and I had little time.

Please comment your toughts down below and have a nice day :)

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