• Game Über

    Hope for The Future in MW3

    November 14, 2011 by Game Über

    Hey all,

    Since IW has put in the Tactical Nuke's little brother into MW3, I notice some people are just camping for the whole freakingame trying for one. It's really annoying. So, I really hope that IW/Sledgehammer adds a special "NO MOAB" playlist/gamemode into MP to reduce campers. And now, thanks to OMA tubing, explosives are nerfed so bad there's now no way to flush out campers.

    Speaking of campers, I think there should be a "Hot Foot" playlist/gamemode that say, kills players who stay in the same general area for 5 seconds. Not only will it reduce RQ's, but then people who don't want to play with campers now finally have a chance to do so. I know this idea has been tossed around before, but I just feel like writing it because I'm on a rant…

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  • Game Über

    Sprinting in MW3

    November 8, 2011 by Game Über

    Hey guys, some of you lucky ducks who live in a later timezone than me are probably already chugging down some Mnt Dew while groovin' to some MW3, but after looking at some gameplay footage, I gotta ask, what's up with the sprinting animation? It looks so weird and different than what we normally see in a CoD game. Also, before anyone comments saying "It's probably the way Sledgehammer/Raven Software did it", why couldn't they just follow the way IW and 3arc does it? It's not that hard compared to other things in the game. For most guns, the animation is the same too, they're pointed down in front to either the player's right side or left side, swinging back and forth in a seemingly awkward way to hold one's gun. I know it's not a big deal…

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  • Game Über

    Some predictions for MW3

    November 5, 2011 by Game Über

    Ok guys, first of all, I'm gonna say this blog isn't for flamming overpowered stuff and "ohhh, can I see your pre-release copy of MW3!!1!1" and whatnot.

    After taking a look at MW3's Hardline pro effect, I see that it gives one pointstreak per 2 assists. This worries me slightly, as when coupled with Scavenger, what I think of instantly is people randomly concussion/flashbang spamming just to get extra assists, which could turn out to be annoying and somewhat noobish, especially if more than 1 person is doing it. Hopefully, people will opt for more useful perks such as Recon or Overkill. But knowing all the griefers out there in the CoD community (hey, it's inevitable, you'll find griefers everywhere), they might try this.

    Another thing that i…

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  • Game Über

    A Taste of Escalation

    April 28, 2011 by Game Über

    Somewhat like First Strike's trailer

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