Hey all,

Since IW has put in the Tactical Nuke's little brother into MW3, I notice some people are just camping for the whole freakingame trying for one. It's really annoying. So, I really hope that IW/Sledgehammer adds a special "NO MOAB" playlist/gamemode into MP to reduce campers. And now, thanks to OMA tubing, explosives are nerfed so bad there's now no way to flush out campers.

Speaking of campers, I think there should be a "Hot Foot" playlist/gamemode that say, kills players who stay in the same general area for 5 seconds. Not only will it reduce RQ's, but then people who don't want to play with campers now finally have a chance to do so. I know this idea has been tossed around before, but I just feel like writing it because I'm on a rant.

Also, what the [expletive] is up with the spawns? It seems like they're still set to the MW2 way, which is centered around payback kills. I now find either people I recently killed spawning around the corner and killing me back, or myself spawning really close to someone who recently killed me. They really need to fix this, because payback spawns are one of the reasons MW2's MP was so frustrating.

Taking a look at the above list of problems, I see that IW/Sledgehammer balanced everything except many of the core problems from MW2. There's still a 25 killstreak that many people are just going to camp their arses off to get, there's no way to flush out campers, and there's still the really bad spawn system. Thankfully, they managed to eradicate that abomination, Death laser, and boosting, but there is still tons of room for improvement.

C'mon IW, why can't you be more like Dyson? Fix the obvious problems others ignore.


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