Ok guys, first of all, I'm gonna say this blog isn't for flamming overpowered stuff and "ohhh, can I see your pre-release copy of MW3!!1!1" and whatnot.

After taking a look at MW3's Hardline pro effect, I see that it gives one pointstreak per 2 assists. This worries me slightly, as when coupled with Scavenger, what I think of instantly is people randomly concussion/flashbang spamming just to get extra assists, which could turn out to be annoying and somewhat noobish, especially if more than 1 person is doing it. Hopefully, people will opt for more useful perks such as Recon or Overkill. But knowing all the griefers out there in the CoD community (hey, it's inevitable, you'll find griefers everywhere), they might try this.

Another thing that isn't as bad but since I already created this blog and typed up my thoughts, I might as well continue just to share my point of view, is the Airdrop Trap. When the game comes out, people may throw one or more, since it's part of the Support Strike Package, randomly across the map into enemy territory. Knowing the crazy Care Package physics in Modern Warfare 2, one may have boxes landing on them constantly throughout the match. To compound the problem, n00bs might think: "Hey! that idiot just threw away his Care Package! I'll steal it!" in the midst of his/her teammates, giving spammers generous multi-kills. Given the constant arrival of new players to CoD, this problem may never be resolved fully, meaning everyone must detour, which may get one killed, due to random exploding Care Packages that n00bs set off.

Then there's the MOAB, which might lead us to: more boosters (I'm not sure if IW/Sledgehammer will crack down on them this time or not), Ghost campers, and basically all the problems the Tactical Nuke brought to Modern Warfare 2. The MOAB also raises one question: will the Support Strike Package's continuance through death apply to the MOAB? If so, then there will be a huge amount of people using that Strike Chain, and it might even become a bit overpowered because of the MOAB. However, on the flip-side, it might make people favour the Support Strike Chain because of the MOAB, which will lead to less Assault users, less airsupport destruction, and less campers who strive for the 17 pointstreaks. It could even turn out that the MOAB is the balance of power for the 3 Strike Chains.

But, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT!

Note: I'm not being pessimistic, or hating, as stated earlier I am just voicing my opinion, and I also mostly expect this to not happen when the game comes out. I'm just being cautious because we all know what happened to One Man Army. I hope that this blog can actually help you avoid these 2 scenarios and other possible exploits by giving you time to sit back and think about them before it happens to you in-game, where you might not know what to do. Please refrain from comments such as: "Derp just go 2 Batt-el-field u stoopid h8r"

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