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  • Gamemasta424

    A recent blog provoked me to come back from my long Call of Duty Wiki editing hiatus. This blog informed us of the official shutdown of the popular Modern Warfare 2 mod, alterIWNet. Now, it wasn't the information or the wording of the blog upset me, it was the comments. Many of the comments were about the same thing. They were complaining that modding is for n00bs and that people should play the game the right way. Now, I understand. If you had asked me about modding a year ago, I would have said the same thing. However, over my hiatus, I strayed from the Call of Duty series and started playing games like The Elder Scrolls, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2. A mod is not necessarily something that gives you an unfair advantage in online multi…

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  • Gamemasta424

    CoD Wiki News Team

    July 13, 2011 by Gamemasta424

    We are, simply, a usergroup dedicated to giving you the best info possible on all things Call of Duty. Unlike an average news team, we don't just give you JUST news, we dig deep into finding info. What does this mean? Not only do we give you any old annoucements you could find anywhere, but we go andlook for hidden announcements and such. We will go onto Call of Duty officials twitters, facebooks, and other like websites and track small pieces of info given. At the end of the week, we will meet together to make major conclusions about the newest CoD games, services, DLC, etc. We'll post a blog weekly or sooner, depending on the quality of our discoveries.

    It's a pretty simple process, but not as easy as putting your username on a list. Firs…

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  • Gamemasta424

    As you all know, last night, the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 3 was relased. This may not seem like a huge deal, but, it is quite important for our wiki. When a new Call of Duty game is announced, our wiki gets a large number of new users. For example, last year, around when the first Black Ops multiplayer trailer came out, people like me joined the wiki for new info. These new users are either GREAT for us or AWFUL for us. This is because at around this time, everyone is trolling about how bad the current CoD is. Trust me, it happens with EVERY CoD game. So, try to keep alert for trolling and attempt to end future flame-wars. Also, with the new game coming up, there will be much speculated info on MW3 pages. Do not post any specualte…

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  • Gamemasta424

    Recently, there have been several videos on YouTube showing the possible maps for the next map pack. The way this has been found is by going into the Community section in Theater Mode. From there, you filter the clips, and as you go through the maps, the names Hotel, Icebreaker, Outskirts, Cubatown, and Cargo.

    Random Video out of many regarding this subject:

    Now, although I have no proof for this, people are saying that Map Pack 2 will be announced this week (3/21/11-3/28/11).

    So, any ideas on what this map pack may contain? Outskirts could be a remake of the WAW map. There is currently no word on any Zombie map.

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  • Gamemasta424

    New Patch, New Features

    December 15, 2010 by Gamemasta424 posted a new piece of intel about a new patch with more features included.

    See it here:

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