What are we?

We are, simply, a usergroup dedicated to giving you the best info possible on all things Call of Duty. Unlike an average news team, we don't just give you JUST news, we dig deep into finding info. What does this mean? Not only do we give you any old annoucements you could find anywhere, but we go andlook for hidden announcements and such. We will go onto Call of Duty officials twitters, facebooks, and other like websites and track small pieces of info given. At the end of the week, we will meet together to make major conclusions about the newest CoD games, services, DLC, etc. We'll post a blog weekly or sooner, depending on the quality of our discoveries.

How do I sign up?

It's a pretty simple process, but not as easy as putting your username on a list. Firstly, you have to ask one of the senior members (listed below). You can ask via IRC or through our talk pages. Give us some reasons how you think you will help the group. Once we get the message, we will get back to you with our decision, and, hopefully, your instructions to find us some news.

Why are you doing this?

The founder of this group (Lulz) realized how much info was hidden in the twitter accounts of Treyarch and IW employees. He decided that this info could be left behind for months without being "decoded," so he thought of the idea for this group. Oh yes, he just talked about himself in the third-person

Note: I have permission to add the news category.

Also, a usergroup page will be up shortly.

Current Senior Members

Lulz (AKA Gamemasta424, Founder)



Carbonite 0

Current Members





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