As you all know, last night, the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 3 was relased. This may not seem like a huge deal, but, it is quite important for our wiki. When a new Call of Duty game is announced, our wiki gets a large number of new users. For example, last year, around when the first Black Ops multiplayer trailer came out, people like me joined the wiki for new info. These new users are either GREAT for us or AWFUL for us. This is because at around this time, everyone is trolling about how bad the current CoD is. Trust me, it happens with EVERY CoD game. So, try to keep alert for trolling and attempt to end future flame-wars. Also, with the new game coming up, there will be much speculated info on MW3 pages. Do not post any specualted or opinionated info on new pages. Thirdly, DO NOT POST LEAKED INFO. It is against wiki policy, and I believe an Activision official warned us of this. Lastly, try to keep pages organized. When I joined and started going on this wiki, one of my least favorite things to see were pages with red links, uncited info, and strange looking pages. Try to keep everything in order for the CoD Wiki's MW3 phase! And please no trolling. (I've tried to keep this blog from being corny, but I obviously failed)

Modern Warfare 3 trailer:

Modern Warfare 3 trailer analysis:

Random Video of The Day:

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