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My eventful weekend

My weekend consisted of:
driving a total of 10-15 hours in my beast of a ford explorer with only two settings for temperature: REALLY cold and REALLY hot. This I did not like, So I opened both of the windows hoping to catch a cross wind, success you say? I say HELL NO.A bee flew into the vehicle. Picture this: Driving with 3 other females and a BEE gets into the vehicle( I have every excuse to be scared, I'm severely allergic). SO I pulled over in the middle of the highway(No Heavy Traffic) because I have 3 screaming chicks all around me and we all get out and start running around the vehicle on the side of the road like a bunch of idiots. About 20 minutes after that we managed to kill said bee & proceeded on our journey.

- Getting lost in my own home city where I went to college.

- Getting my wallet stolen( YES it had my drivers and my credit card in there :'( )

- Getting hit on by a guy with a wife and children(Gross)

- An uncalled for physical fight with my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend( Which I of course won, Yeah tough girl)

- Hitting a bird on the highway and because of that I spent 2 hours of the road trip comforting my 14 year old sister and hearing her complain of how "cruel" I am for not slowing down to let it fly past us xD

Good Events:

- I watched my cousin get married to the man of her dreams

- I spent a lot of time with family I had not seen in a long time

- I was approved for living allowance by my work and it allowed me to fix the major problems on my vehicle :D

- Stayed Sober!

- Took a lot of pictures ^.^

So yeah, thats my weekend in a nutshell lol

How I still managed to keep my sanity is nothing short of a miracle


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