Just out of curiosity, why are majority of the female gamers so underestimated? Again, I'm not saying all are treated that way.

As a gamer, I face bashing on a weekly basis. Most don't even believe I'm really female( and when they do, I'm either harassed sexually or verbally)

Come on guys, Give us girl gamers a break. I'm better than most of the turds that play anyway, lol.

Replies can include answering to the following:

E.g Do you know any girls that are lethal on COD?

Have you ever been beaten by a girl?

What do you feel towards female gamers?

I'd love some input (Personal experiences,Hear-say) Ya know?! :)

P.s I'm writing a paper on this for work, and it'd be nice for some feedback!

Thanks Guys (and possibly girls)

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