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    New Ascension Perks

    January 27, 2011 by Gatlinbrad

    Dear, Call of Duty Wikipedia Users

    So you guys may have heard that the new map in the First Strike DLC is going to have two new perks. The two new perks are called Staminup and Phd Flogger. A possible way that Staminup can be a longer spring perk. Phd Flogger can be a perk that lowers the trap costs! But the new zombie monkey may steal your perks and at a good chance of it replacing dogs as if you watch the first strike trailer of ascension you can tell. When it shows the monkeys you can see fog in the air and nova 6 coming out of the monkeys. So it could be replacing dogs or gas zombies! Who knows! Get the First Strike DLC for xbox 360 on Feb 1st to check out the brand new epic features!

    Thanks for reading, Gatlinbrad 19:32, January 27, 20…

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