Ok, I know I've usually bitched about inaccuracies on my blog. I'm very sorry. I realized how foolish it was.

And upon the realization that bronies were on the site (some of whom shot me down on my rants), I realized I could help a friend out.

The question I ask is that were any of you affiliated with the Save Derpy movement? And if so, are any of you willing to help out with a new one? My friend and I have uncovered something that could tip the scales in our (and by our, I speak on behalf of all of Derpy's fans) favor. My page already describes the situation (quite dramatically I might add), but now we have a website. So if anyone's willing to help out, we'd greatly appreciate it.

You've gotta sign up on the site. If you have anymore questions, I or he will answer as best we can.

If want to help, great, but if not, please don't use this page to complain to me about how much you think I or others shouldn't help.


News from Derpy Deliverence says that the writers are on our side, and want to put more Derpy in MLP season 3. But they need our support.

We still have a fight to win, but we are close. Now is time more than ever to give support!

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