Its funny how at the end of MW2, Makarov is a fugitive in hiding from Shepherd and Shadow Company, meanwhile at the begining of MW3 (which is just a few hours later), he has command of an army of Spetsnaz and other Russian special forces and terrorists, and an entire battalion of Mi-28's reigning death in Northern India. In MW2's "Loose Ends", Makarov's helicopter fleet is composed of only about 3-4 Mi-8 helicopters, and possibly a Little Bird if the forces guarding the Oil Rig in "The Only Easy Day.... Was Yesterday" were Makarov's men.

Makarov, apparently, isn't popular with President Vorshevsky, so that rules out of any large support for Makarov's group. But in MW3, he seemingly has enough forces to rival even the Russian Army that was attacking the US and Europe. So why does he need Vorshevsky's help?

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