I notice in Modern Warfare 3 there's a lot more, how to put it, Russian weapons used by the Russians. The guns were also mostly made up of weapons that are just prototypes right now or are not in widespread use, save the classics (M4A1, M16A4, MP5, AK-47, etc.).

Now usually I would bitch about this, but unlike Black Ops, MW2 (yes, Modern Warfare: 2 in 2009) had a lot of weapons, many of which found their way into the hands of the Russians despite them not using it, and I was okay with it. It added diversity. MW3 on the other hand...kind of loses that when seeing the same weapons constantly on the floor in every campaign level in the hands of the enemy (PP90M1, AK-47, PKP Pecheneg, G36C) without any others.

Feels bad man...I miss the FAL and MG4, and the FAMAS.

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