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Spetsnaz vs. Green Berets

Gen.Cain April 18, 2010 User blog:Gen.Cain

I just saw, Deadliest warrior and here was the pareing,

Spetsnaz vs. Green Berets



Assault Rifle: Ak-47

Pistol: Makarov WIN

Sniper: Dugonov

Mele: Ballistic Knife WIN

Shotgun: Sega WIN

Grenade: RGDS

===Green Berets===:

Assault Rifle: M4A1 WIN

Pistol: Baretta M9

Sniper: M24 WIN

Mele: Tactical Shovel (FTW)

Grenade: M67 WIN

  • The win is acording to the people over at Deadliest warrior

Deadliest warrior ruled that The Spetsnaz won (FTW) By 7 out of 1000 kills.

What do you think?

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