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Guide to Staying Alive in Call of Duty

A little guide I put together through past expierences. If you disagree, then just say so and don't be a bitch about it.

  1. Take the road less traveled:. Like the snowy path in Summit or the outer allyways of Kowloon, these areas are great hiding spots and since few enemies check there, you can gain a number of kills before blowing your cover.
  2. Automatic doesn't mean better: Nothing against Automatic weapons, but really, semi-automatic weapons have devistating damage and can kill a group of three easily.
  3. Patience is a virtue: Wait for enemies, don't jump into the firefight. This is Call of Duty, not reality.
  4. Spam isn't that bad...: Trust me, no one ever complains. I got Warlord pro by spamming with a Tomahawk.
  5. Pick your Perks: Some Perks aren't useful for a variety of things, like how Scout is only good for snipers or Tactical Mask only works with Nova Gas.
  6. Is it worth it? No: If you are going to try and be Epic, the only thing Epic about you will be your Epicilly Embarissing Death.
  7. Call out Enemies: If you see enemies teammates don't, tell them via headset.
  8. Don't lose it: If you are killed while accessing an area more than once, don't go back there. The enemy probably knows where you can come in. Best bet: Either lob a grenade or leave him alone. They gotta leave sometime.

If there is anything I can add, just tell me.

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