Gyrojet Firearms

The Gyrojet series was Developed in the 1960's by Robert Mainhardt & Art Biehl and prdouced in very small numbers by a company called MB Associates. They produced a Pistol, Carbine and a Rifle variant of the firearm and today they are very rare and can cost upwards of $1000 to get your hands on one. The firearms fire 2 different rounds as there was a MKI series and a MK2 series. They fire (Mark I) 13 mm rocket & (Mark II) 12 mm rocket from a 6 round box magazine generaly. There are many variants that were designed including a light machine gun and an underwater variant. The down side was the range was pretty low, managing about 50 Metres tops, the rocket round left the barrel at very low speeds but the farther it travels the faster it gets reaching a top velocity of about 380 m/s.


  • They cost upwards of One Thousend USD today.
  • Fires mini rocket rounds not conventional bullets
  • This firearm is a Blow-forward not a blow-back operated firearm
  • One round costs about 100 USD so 600USD a magazine.
  • MKI was developed in 1960
  • MKII was developed in 1960
  • MKII was created due to a law changing in the size laws of explosive rounds.
  • Max round velocity of 380 M/S
  • MKI - 13mm Rocket
  • MKII - 12mm Rocket
  • They made a pistol, carbine and rifle variant as the main production line.
  • They also looked into producing an LMG version and a underwater variant.



Gyro Rocket Pistol03:50

Gyro Rocket Pistol

Sourced from Youtube.

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