What the title says. Here's what's new:

· MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.

· Playercards sometimes not showing properly.

· Added three Private Match Server Settings: Team Change, Team-Up Period, and Keep Balanced Teams.

· Added Alternate Color Scheme for accessibility: Settings / Multiplayer / Player Name Indicator.

· Changed Team-Up Period countdown interval to 10 seconds.

· Combat Training sessions are no longer counted in Server Browser Unranked tab.

· Friends on your team will now show as blue on your minimap.

· Prevention of various exploits.

· Objective markers localized for all languages.

· Various stability improvements

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rcon Tool

· Recognize new "invalid password" server response

The color scheme is a new option, kind of like Shader Warming in the last patch. Basically, instead of friendlies being green & enemies being red, friendlies are blue & enemies are orange

The stability improvements are noticable. (Editor's note: I've seen slighty high FPS's & have had NO crashes since trying out the new patch.)

Questions for comments:

Do the consoles get the new color scheme?

Is the color scheme useful?

Are the stability improvements noticable?

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