Every Week I Will Post New Missions,Also Every Week Once I Post Mission The Name I Put At The Bottom Has To Fit The Mission So The Next Mission Has To Fit "The Hope Has Died......Here".Different People Will Make Them. Will Do The First 2 Then Other People Will Do Them.I Will Write Every Single Mission People Make And If You Want Yours In This Blog Then It Has To Be The Best And It Has To Be Turned In To My Youtube In A Private Messege.If You Want Your Mission On Here Look Up In Youtube Search Bar Valkyrie OFDR And Under A Playlist Is My Youtube Name Click That To Get To That.Also If Will Put A Name After A Sentence That Means That That Person Said That.Sometime It Will Say"This Is...." That Means Whoever Is At .... Said That.

                          My Opinion On What MW3's Campaign Should Be

Mission 1 "Run" Arizona June 8th 2:34 P.M. Delta Force- On My First Day I Had Ran A Mile Like Everyone Else.That Day We Ran Our A**** Off."Get Moving Maggots."Gen.Nick.(You Have To Finish The Course Which IS Half A Mile.)And Its Just Basic Training So I Won't Get Much Into This Because People Know The Training Missions.

Mission 2 "Makarov" Moscow,Russia Jan.12 12:04 P.M. Wanted Soldiers "This Town Was Once A Peaceful Town.Many People Have Came Here.Many People Have Died Here."Ctp.Price."We've Been Tracking Down Makarov For Too Long.We Know He Is Here In Moscow But We Don't Know For Sure." "We Need To Get To The LZ.On My Mark We Go.Three."(5 Men Go By)"Two........One..MARK!"You Run To The Building Across The Street.And You Keep Doing That To Get To The LZ And You Have To Kill A Guy And That Sets Everyone Off."Nikolai,This Is Price,We Have Set The Guards Off,I Repeat We Have Set The Guards Off.Get Your Helicopter In The Air NOW And Give Us Some Air Support." "Will Do Price." And The Rest Of The Mission Is Speakable For Itself But In This Mission Makarov Gets Away When You Try To Shoot Him.


Mission 1 "Run" Arizona June 8th 2:34 P.M. Delta Force-Your At A Delta Force Base In Arizona.Doing Basic Training.

Mission 2 "Makarov" Moscow,Russia Jan.12 12:04 P.M. Wanted Soldiers-In The Beginning You Start In The Sewer And You Make Your Way To This Bar During This Mission And The Bar Is Your LZ.The Setting Around That Is Building In Moscow.(This Mission Is A Blown Recon Mission And People Figure Out That Your There.The LZ Has Nikolai's Helicopter Waiting There For You.)

'Sneak Preview Name'Mission 3 "Hope Has Died.........Here" Delta Force

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