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  • Giancarlo.Overbeck

    I love the Scavenger perk, but at some times, I wish i could change it. If I could, i would make it so when u pick up a bag, you have the option to keep it with you, or use it automatically. Like you press the left button on the D pad you can use the bag. so if you could edit a perk, what would you do?

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  • Giancarlo.Overbeck

    “Insert Coin” Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade

    Ok lets start with the first three words. "Access the terminal" that to me is telling me i hack into a computer, or i open a hallway. Ok i get that. But this is the part i dont get: "and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback." -.-

    ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT A SILVERBACK GORILLA FROM SPACE IS GOING TO COME AND KILL ME? i just dont understand treyarch anymore. lol. But seriously, what dose it mean? i think its like a mini game in the new zombie mode. like a space invader thing, but you gain points. what do you think?

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  • Giancarlo.Overbeck

    After seeing all of the multiplayer videos, i cant see a high customization of the character. Sure, you can customize the weapon, the titles/emblems, but thats it. You cant customize your characters appearance, except for the facepaint. The first tier perks are supposed to change the character, but its essentially the same as other CoD titles. Because since CoD: W@W, the character's appearance changes when you choose a weapon from your Create-a-Class. i really hope that Treyarch puts more levels of customization into Black Ops before its out.

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  • Giancarlo.Overbeck

    I love to play nazi zombies, but at times i wonder what it would be like if nazi zombies was a movie. Four movies, Based on the four maps. I even have an idea for the first one.

    The first two movies/maps just have innocent people caught in the cross fire, but the last two are focus on the origin of the zombies and element 115. So, make plots for the other maps/movies.

    In WWII, a medic team flies out a previously injured unit flies out of the war zone, to go home. But the plane engine fails, and they crash. The Sgt wakes up first, and brings his unit and the pilot inside a partially destroyed building. Everyone else wakes up. a Pvt finds a radio, that has a recording of Dr. Maxis. Telling them "If you've found this tape, you are in danger, i …

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  • Giancarlo.Overbeck

    if you could make any killstreaks and perks, what would they be? here are mine

    • Convoy: After 7 kills, a helicopter brings in 4 NPCs. 1 heavy gunner, 1 run and gun, 1 sniper, and 1 shotgunner. but they only stay for 1 minute, after that, the go to a L.Z and leave. (You get 200 XP for killing one at the L.Z)

    • Incognito: After 5 kills, your clothes change to look like the enemy team. but your name wont appear in green.

    Eye in the sky: Get a 3D birds eye view of the map.

    • Pro version: Get 3D models of the buildings that you can scan for the enemy team
    • Icon: An eye overlooking a mountain range.

    Medic: Ability to revive someone in Last/Final Stand.

    • Pro version: Revives other players ammo.
    • Icon: A Defibrillator
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