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Create your own killstreaks and perks

if you could make any killstreaks and perks, what would they be? here are mine


  • Convoy: After 7 kills, a helicopter brings in 4 NPCs. 1 heavy gunner, 1 run and gun, 1 sniper, and 1 shotgunner. but they only stay for 1 minute, after that, the go to a L.Z and leave. (You get 200 XP for killing one at the L.Z)

  • Incognito: After 5 kills, your clothes change to look like the enemy team. but your name wont appear in green.


Eye in the sky: Get a 3D birds eye view of the map.

  • Pro version: Get 3D models of the buildings that you can scan for the enemy team
  • Icon: An eye overlooking a mountain range.

Medic: Ability to revive someone in Last/Final Stand.

  • Pro version: Revives other players ammo.
  • Icon: A Defibrillator

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