I love to play nazi zombies, but at times i wonder what it would be like if nazi zombies was a movie. Four movies, Based on the four maps. I even have an idea for the first one.

The first two movies/maps just have innocent people caught in the cross fire, but the last two are focus on the origin of the zombies and element 115. So, make plots for the other maps/movies.

Nacht Der Untoten:

In WWII, a medic team flies out a previously injured unit flies out of the war zone, to go home. But the plane engine fails, and they crash. The Sgt wakes up first, and brings his unit and the pilot inside a partially destroyed building. Everyone else wakes up. a Pvt finds a radio, that has a recording of Dr. Maxis. Telling them "If you've found this tape, you are in danger, i cant give you the details, but in the other door, you will find salvation." The pilot tries to kick down the door but it doesn't work. They kill a couple of zombies, and finally break down the door. they find the random box and a radio. Sgt tries the radio, but gets static. The second Pvt opens the box and gets a Panzerschreck. Pilot opens it and gets a .357 Magnum. The Sgt opens it and gets a MG42. And the Pvt opens it and gets Ray gun. underestimating its power, He opens it again and gets a Thompson. They go up stairs with the radio, the Sgt finally gets a signal and contacts the Air Force for immediate extraction. They get outside to the crash site and see a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress drops a bomb, killing them all. It then cuts to the Air Force operator, looking sad, then his superior officer tells him "dont feel bad, it had to be done." In a german accent.

Zombie Verrückt

A four man group of homicidal killers wake up in an abandoned insane asylum. They have walkie talkies so they can talk to one another. They find schematics of the asylum on the wall. and agree to meet in the power room. once they meet in the power room, they see a hand is on the power switch. One of them pleads not to turn the power back on, because someone turned it off for a reason. But the big guy turns it on, by grabbing the hand. They find a recorder with a message from Dr. Richtofen, Saying "I don't have time to explain, but the only way to save yourself is in the box!" they open the box and each received a weapon. The big guy (Richard) got a FG42. The skinny guy (Josh) got a BAR. The small guy (Greg) got a Type 100. And the last guy (Michel) got a M1919 Browning. they fought off the zombies for about 4 hours untill they ambush from behind. All are killed except for Michel, so Michel, with his last grenade, kills the remaining zombies around him. The scene then cuts to Dr. Richtofen, in a lab pulling a lever. Richtofen laughs and kicks a recorder on the floor.

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