• I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • My occupation is Veterinarian
  • Gic1998

    Encyclopedia Dramatica


    "In lulz we trust"


    Anonymous has suffered greatly this day. We have lost a vast trove of information, useful to all from the fledgling troll to the newfag just learning to internet to even the most grizzled of veterans. We have lost a place to argue and collaborate, to troll and spread knowledge of this great series of tubes to all. We have lost a friend and an ally. Encyclopedia Dramatica was with me through it all. It was there to catch me when I was sent reeling by the cruelty of the internet, and it was there to teach me the ways of the troll and Anonymous alike. I learned of the vile wasteland known as DeviantArt and I learned the techniques to shut up even the most tenacious weaboo. I…

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