• Gin7

    I have been hearing rumors that there will be a $10 fee to pay to play a year of multiplayer for Black Ops. I just want to know if it is true so I can decied weather or not to reseve a copy.

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  • Gin7

    model 1887 wrist snap

    February 21, 2010 by Gin7

    it s true if you fired a model 1887 in one hand like when its used with akimbo the user would likey have snapped thier wrists. sadly people keep deleting this trivial fact from the page model 1887. please lets try to convience the admins not to delete it

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  • Gin7

    Future patchs wish list

    January 2, 2010 by Gin7

    Moder Warfare 2 is awsome but many things in multiplayer are unfair or make no sense so what do you want patched. Here is what I want

    Remove stopping power

    FMJ round should do some damage to a riot shield

    Stealth Bomber should be silent and higher so the enemy can t see it

    no akimbo with shotguns

    a way to stop the nuke like defusing it or something

    the nuke should have a 25 second timer

    ability to upgrade perks twice.

    players should be able to take 5 things with them when they prestige.

    marker over where your throwing knife went

    care packages can be knocked off roofs

     there should be realistic destruction like preiditor missles should destroy roofs etc etc

       Finally the should bring back the original Mp5 and the Stg 44 or as others know it the Mp 44 …

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