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Weapon corrections in Black Ops

I really don't give a damn to this weapons not fitting their time, but I'm tired of fat-ass bitches compalining of it.

Weapon replacementsEdit

Operation 40:Edit

  • M203- M31 HEAT
  • M16- M14
  • ASP For Cuban cops- Tokarev TT-33
  • Your team's ASP- S&W Model 39
  • KS-23 - Improvised M-16 Shotgun (mentioned in Che Guevara's book 'Guerrilla Warfare')
  • FN FAL- AK47
  • RPK- RPD
  • RPG-7- RPG-2
  • M67 Frag- M61 Frag (RGD-33 For Cubans)
  • Skorpion- Cristóbal carbine


  • AK47- SKS
  • GP-25 Kostyor- 22mm rifle grenade
  • KS 23- Baikal shotgun
  • M134 Minigun- GShG-7.62 man-portable modification
  • M67 Frag- F1 Limonka
  • M249 SAW- SG-43 Gorjunov
  • GAZ-66 Transport- Ural 375D truck


  • M16- M1 Garand and holstered M-19 .357

Executive OrderEdit

  • MP5K- Carl Gustaf m/45
  • KS 23- TOZ-34
  • PM63 RAK- AP Stechkin
  • Valkyrie- 9K11 Malyutka


  • Masterkey- XM148
  • Stakeout- W1200
  • Flamethrower attachment- Type 58
  • China Lake- M79 Thumper

The DefectorEdit

  • FN FAL- Type 1 SKS
  • CAR-15 Commando- Remove some since they aren't issued in large numbers and add some M16s/M14s
  • SPAS-12- TOZ-34
  • M203- XM148
  • Dragon's Breath- M500 w/ Dragon's Breath


  • Kiparis- PPS-43
  • SPAS-12- TOZ-34
  • Weaver's SPAS-12- Remington 1100
  • CZ75- Makarov
  • Spectre M4- Beretta M12
  • PSG1- G3A3ZF
  • Hudson's CZ75s- Browning Hi-Power
  • G11- HK33

Project NovaEdit

  • PPSh-41- Corrected model, looks like a PPS-43, also add a 71 round magazine
  • Reznov's Mosin-Nagant (He lacks a finger, as stated in WaW)- SVT-40
  • Put some Kar98Ks, Gewehre 43 (plural for Gewehr) or StG-45
  • British Tokarev TT- Webley or Browning Hi-Power

Victor CharlieEdit

  • WA2000- M40 (If your allies are Marines) XM21 (If your allies are from the Army)
  • Skorpion- MAT-49
  • M202A1 Grim Reaper- M9 Flamethrower
  • RPK - Type 53 machine gun
  • AK47 - Type 56 carbine

Crash SiteEdit

  • KS23 For SOG- Remington 870
  • PM63 RAK- AP Stechkin
  • AK-74u- K-50M
  • China Lake- Device "D"
  • M202A1 Grim Reaper- XM191 FLASH
  • KS23 For VC- TOZ-34
  • MI-24A Hind A- Mil Mi-8 Hip


  • AUG- AR-18
  • Famas- Kbkg. Wz.1960
  • Galil- AK47
  • CZ75- Makarov
  • HK21- PKM
  • Skorpion- AO-31
  • KS-23 - TOZ-66
  • SPAS - TOZ-34


  • Galil- Vz.58
  • Uzi- K-50M
  • CZ75- Type 54
  • Flamethrower attachment- LPO-50
  • AK47 w/GP-25 Kostyor- M1891/59 w/22mm Grenade
  • Mi-24 Hind- Mi-8 Hip


  • AK-74u- Krinkov
  • BS-1 Tishina- 22mm grenade
  • Kiparis- AO-31
  • Strela 3- Strela 2
  • Strela 3 used by CIA operative- FIM-43 RedEye
  • Enfield- AR-16
  • HK21- M60


  • Famas- M16A1
  • Russian MAC-11- APS Stechkin
  • MAC-11- Uzi
  • AK74u- AKMSU
  • Galil- Vz.58
  • CZ75- Makarov
  • Dragovich's CZ75- Nagant M1895

Replace al M67 Frags with the M61 in levels prior to 1968, Replace all M67 Frags with F1 Limonki with Communists.

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