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  • Players may chose two perks and based on those choices, a third perk is chosen for you.
  • Commando has been removed.
  • One Man Army has been removed.
  • Scavenger no longer replenishes equipment (i.e. claymores, C4, etc).
  • Cold Blooded and Juggernaut are part of an armor system that the player wears.


  • At this point, the highest killstreak reward is for 15 kills
  • Killstreak rewards will not count towards your next killstreak. For example: if you receive a 5-killstreak reward, the kills gained by that killstreak will not move you towards your next killstreak reward. Killstreak rewards may only be earned through your main weapons.
  • Pavelow will return as a killstreak, although it has a feature unique to Black Ops.
  • UAV will return as a killstreak.
  • In addition to the Pavelow, there will be two other types of helicopters earned as killstreaks.
  • There is no Emergency Airdrop, but there is a Care Package killstreak reward.
  • The SR-71 Blackbird will be available as a killstreak reward.


  • The FAMAS will return, but not in a 3-round burst firing capacity. It will be fully automatic.
  • There will be no gun from the M4 family.
  • The M16 will return, still as a high-powered, high-accuracy weapon.
  • The tactical knife is no longer available, while a new knife will be available in it’s place: the ballistic knife. A ballistic knife has a detachable, spring-loaded blade designed to be fired a distance of approx. 6 meters at a rate of 39 MPH (63 km/h).
  • The claymore is classified as equipment, thus the Scavenger perk will not replenish it.
  • Grenades are not classified as equipment and will be replenished by Scavenger.

New, confirmed guns include:

  • SIG commando – Assault Rifle
  • RPK – Light Machine Gun
  • Skorpion – Submachine Gun
  • PSG1 – Semi-auto Sniper Rifle
  • MAC11 – Machine Pistol

Additionally, players will be able to bypass the Crouch position and go directly from Sprint to Prone. In effect, players will be able to sprint and drop flat onto their belly without having to crouch first.


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