Fun Facts

  • As a child Misty grew up on a farm like the one in Green Run
  • Misty had a pet monkey (coincidence? I think not! everything happens for a reason in zombies)
  • Misty left home as a teenager only to never remember her mother's face "I just realized I can't even remember my mother's face" a quote of misty in Green Run 1:00  [1]
  • Her father was eaten by zombies right in front of her now she is determined to kill them all
  • Misty does NOT like Samuel Stuhlinger at all but she has a thing for Marlton
  • Misty is possibly related to Tank Dempsey because of the many similarities 
  • In the map De Riese Abigail was written all over the walls 



Misty  is caucasion and has brown hair that she keeps in a short ponytail and blue eyes.She wears jeans and a green and white baseball cap. She also wears brown worker gloves and a tied of flannel red shirt.Her favorite weapons are shotgun, preferably the remington.

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