Secret Nazi organization,Group 935,is hired by the government to create zombie soldiers using a substance found in meteors called,115.It is a powerful substance that is used to bring back the dead,build wonder weapons and, power teleporters. The leader of Group 935,Dr. Maxis put it off for a while,while Dr. Edward Richtofen perfected it in secret.When Richtofen tested it he was teleported to a cave on the moon with a pyramid in it.When Dr. Richtofen touched it he got teleported again.This time to a place called Shangri-La.After a while there he teleported back to Group 935.Then Richtofen started hearing a voice in his head.He then started to plot the death of Maxis because of the voice. Richtofen brought his followers back to moon to build a base(Griffin Station),and study the pyramid.The pyramid can be used to control the zombies.He plots to kill Maxis and his daughter Samantha Maxis by locking them in the same room as a hell-hound.The hell-hounds were created by Dr. Maxis.He bought Samantha a dog and was secretly testing 115 on it.The dog he got was pregnant and he over dosed it with substance 115.The dog gave birth to hell-hounds. When he tried that they got in the teleporter and went to moon.Samantha afraid and confused stumbled into the pyramid and took control of the zombies.Maxis made it out alive and Richtofen ordered Group 935 to find him.When they found him they told him to try to coax Samantha to get out but instead he told her to kill them all (Group 935). After Maxis said that he comit suicide.Samantha then uses zombies to destroy everything.Dr. Richtofen escapes to Shi No Numa with three brainwashed super soldiers(Tank,Nikoli and,Takeo).He uses them to get the stuff he needs to take control of the zombies.After he gets all the stuff they teleport back to moon.Dr. Richtofen switched bodies with Samantha.Maxis somehow communicates after death to plot a scheme to blow up the world.He does this to lessen the amount of damage Dr. Richtofen can do.He under estimates the rockets power and they send three huge rockets at earth.Then there is green run and the story continues.   

Thank you NoahJ456


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