His Story

Russman is 75 years old and his mom died over 50 years ago.He worked as an agent called Broken Arrow.He got fired and soon became homeless.He started to roam the streets. Russman upgraded to traveling the world soon after.The zombies broke out when he was in the map Green Run.Russman found Samuel Stuhlinger and they rode a bus with an electronic driver.When they stopped at the bus station they found Misty and Marlton. After they finished at Green Run they were teleported to Die Rise.Samuel is found talking to Richtofen.A huge wave of zombies came behind him when he was about to die Russman jumped out and shot most of them.Misty and Marlton came upstairs in an elevator and saved Samuel. Russman died saving Samuel.He was revived with no memory of dieing and keeps fighting.They were all teleported back in time.They finish in Die Rise and go to Buried where Russman takes control of the Green Run group.


Russman is an African American with white hair,brown eyes,jeans,a brownish trench coat and,two different shoes.He has memory loss,arthritis,a bad hip,bad eye sight and,Alzheimer. He is always pessimistic,grumpy,spiritual and,speaks of the devil often.He despises Marlton and pities Samuel.

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