His Story

Samuel Stuhlinger is the first character to be nicknamed Sam besides Samantha Maxis.He can communicate with Richtofen. Samuel used to eat zombies to stay alive it was a group called The Flesh.He has some element 115 in him.It is not enough to turn him into a zombie.He is still part zombie.In Die Rise the players die but teleport back in time.He is good friends with Russman,this is proved in this video.[1]He does not like Misty or Marlton. People believe he is the possible new Richtofen.


Samuel is a slightly overweight caucasion. He has a mustache,glasses,short gray hair,khaki shorts,charcoal sweater and a green vest.He also for some reason wears a fanny pack.He is missing one big toe,is paranoid and a cannibal.His favorite guns are the executioner and the python.He also sort of likes the M1911, the M1216 and,dual wield B23R's.

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