Treyarch has released the newest trailer to their upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops. The new multiplayer teaser shows off new weapons, kill streaks, and maps.

As you may already know Black Ops is taking place during the cold war era. So your main enemies are the Russians . There will most likely be other factions in the game. The weapons won't be high tech or modern but they will be brutal.

The trailer start off in the map Summit. The player is using the Commando assault rifle with a red dot. The trailer show that you can place cameras and observer people. The scene changes to the map Launch. The player is on the Russian team. He kills two enemies that look like Vietnamese. He picks up a crossbow and gets another kill. Crossbow is not one shot kill. The map turns back to Summit where the player is using the Ballistic Knife. It is shown that a kill streak can be an explosive RC. At the end it is shown that is a playback ability. The full multiplayer is going to be revealed on September 1st.

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