I've been playing mw2 for a while now and too frequently I find myself in a glitch match. Glitched games are basically private matches made public. In such matches you still gain experience for kills, challenges, etc. Glitched games can be made on any map, but Rust is a favorite because it is so small. A specialized glitch game that many of you may have run into it the "team free-for-all." Its a free for all game glitched so that its capacity is 18 players. Some people show up as a friendly (green name) and some as a foe (red name), but you can kill all and get points for killing all. Imagine that on Rust. I've been in and made "team free-for-all" matches on Rust, and if you haven't experienced and 18 player free for all on rust, its chaos.  

Personally, I don't like joining glitched matches but I like creating them. Do you mind the glitches? Do you like them or absolutely hate them?

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