aka Diego Jose

  • I live in San Miguel/ El Salvador/ Central America
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Student, amateur writer
  • I am Male
  • GoodGamer14

    as we all know, Activision is very quiet about a Wii U version of Advance Warfare, with many sites claiming it will come and others dont, recently, according to the E3 schedule, the game was also listed for the Wii U but also atmost a few days ago it was removed (the Wii U version), some people says (opinions) that Activision doesnt want to interrupt Treyach`s new CoD but others say that Activision is throwing the blanket on the Wii U, why Activision doesnt want to clarified if the game will come to the Wii U or not?, they will wait to see what Nintendo will announce on the E3?

    my opinion is that they dont have a developer to work on a Wii U version since Treyach is making their CoD for next year and High Moon is working on the XBOX 360 and…

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  • GoodGamer14

    some weeks ago, i created my own wikia but cannot create the template i want, can you show how to create a military conflict style template.

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