• Gordon - 117

    In the level Loose Ends, two Task Force members: Archer and Toad where in postition. Later on in the level they provide key sniper support in the battle at the safehouse. My question is that SPOILER ALERT when Sheperd killed Ghost and Roach with Shadow Company - Did the Sniper Team Escape?

    Key Theories and Notes:

    Archer and Toad relocated themselves for better sniper position.

    During the execution of Roach and Ghost - Shadow Company's Radio stated that "We got snipers on thermal" -- this could mean that they located the sniper team, or that they got Sheperd's back (helping him).

    Again, the radio also stated that "We lost Sniper Team." - This could leave them to escape.

    Before Roach and Ghost are burned alive, Price warned them of the betrayal: …

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