• GothicEmperor

    So guys, after playing Black Ops quite intensively, here are my opinions 'bout the guns I've used so far, in multiplayer. I've used things like the commando and G11 in single-player, ofcourse, but I don't know how they hold up in MP, or I just haven't bothered to buy them. I'll test out all the other weapons in Combat Training in due time, at which point I'll update the blog or summat. Any comments will be appreciated.

    Assault Rifles

    M16Yes, the first assault rifle unlocked is a burst weapon. For the most part, it handles quite like it did in MW2, if you account for the lack of Stopping Power ofcourse. Don't expect to always make any 1-burst kills, except when headshots are involved. I'd advice a flame-thrower attachment to counter-balance i…

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