So guys, after playing Black Ops quite intensively, here are my opinions 'bout the guns I've used so far, in multiplayer. I've used things like the commando and G11 in single-player, ofcourse, but I don't know how they hold up in MP, or I just haven't bothered to buy them. I'll test out all the other weapons in Combat Training in due time, at which point I'll update the blog or summat. Any comments will be appreciated.

Assault Rifles

M16Yes, the first assault rifle unlocked is a burst weapon. For the most part, it handles quite like it did in MW2, if you account for the lack of Stopping Power ofcourse. Don't expect to always make any 1-burst kills, except when headshots are involved. I'd advice a flame-thrower attachment to counter-balance it's lack of short-range power. Scopes are not that necessary, considering the very useful iron sights, but it's recoil is low enough for the ACOG scope.

EnfieldThe average assault rifle. It uses the common Black Ops sights, has standard AR recoil, standard damage and range, etc. Easy too use with any attachment, but it kindof lacks flavour the other ARs have. Generally passed by in favour of other weapons at high levels.

M14A true battle rifle, it's semi-auto and has high damage and a low magazine capacity. Really nice to fire, if you allow the sights or scope to resettle. Quite importantly, it also has a damage multiplierin the upper part of the upper body, allowing for easier 2 shot kills at long range. However, its recoil is very nasty, so the grip is adviced. I'd give it an ACOG as well. Note that it's reload speed isn't that high and it suffers in close range, so keep in mind not to get too close.

Ooh, this one has an insane fire rate. I've been killed by it plenty of times, but somehow never got around to using it much, though I do tend to pick it up when my guns are out of ammo.It's recoil is very low, though the empty reload time is on the high side (easily compensated with Dual Mag). Ofcourse, it doesn't do much damage per bullet. I personally don't like this weapon, as it sounds rather wimpish, but its popular for a reason.

GalilAh, the Galil. I don't use it much, but its 35 round mag isa blast to empty, even though reloading takes ages. It also, surprisingly, is quite damaging as well. It does feel a bit sluggish, but that might just be me. I personally prefer other weapons, but this isn't a bad choice to use at all.

AUGAnother high fire-rate weapon, but stats comparable to the FAMAS (The AUG has higher recoil, making the FAMAS technically better). It's mostly a cosmetic difference though, and I find the AUG to look much more sexy. It's mass-murdering machine with extended mags and a red dot sight, from my experience at least. ;-)


OlympiaDon't be fooled by its 2-round capacity, this baby murders at close range, and even a bit beyond. It's got a wde enough shell spread to kill multiple people in one blast. It also looks and sounds wickedly awesome. Sleight Of Hand is needed to make it work best.

StakeoutMeh, I don't like this one. It's got more bullets, but it's pump-action, which really slows it down. Considering it's not that likely to get a one shot kill with, you can expect to die often while watching that pump animation.

SPASIt's basicly the same as the Stakeout, but with lightly less range. However, it's semi-automatic, making up for the Stakeout's main deficiency. The SPAS also has a capacity of 8 rounds, double that of the Stakeout, so you can actually spray a bit. I still prefer the Olympia, though. ;-)


MP5KThis is one high damaging son of a bitch. I personally hold a grudge against low RoF high damage SMGs, and I'm not the only one in that regard, but the MP5K at least has recoil to balance it out. While it was fun to start with, I swiched to the other SMGs later on, since you know, SMGs are supposed to rock in CC, which this one doesn't do all that much. The AK47u (which I also avoid now) is basicly the same, but better, since it can have a Grenade Launcher and it's got lower recoil. Expect it to be called overpowered.

SkorpionThis gun is a bit too close combat oriented. While 't's good at taking out enemies at very close range, and even better at that with Dual Wield, don't try using it on anything more than a few steps away. I don't use it.

MAC11This one's very nice. low recoil, high rate of fire, okay range, low recoil. Can be dual wielded for maximum effectiveness. Watch out for its small mag size.

UZIBasicly the MAC11, but with a much larger mag and coincedentally, much higher recoil, even with the grip attachment, While I've used it a lot, I don't plan on using it much again for that damn recoil just makes it too awful at longer ranges, and it can't be dual wielded to make it better for close quarters.

Light Machine Guns

HK21This is basicly the base LMG. No damage drop-off, nice damage, good rate of fire. It's initial mag size is a tad to slow,and the reloading process takes too long, so buy the extended mags.

RPKThe HK21, but with a bigger mag and also higher recoil (which can't be compensated in any way, I might add). Just use the HK21, 'cause the recoil on this weapons's way too high and the magazine thing is a non-issue.

M60It's got a low rate of fire, but insane damage at close range and the average (still nice!) damage at longer ranges, the M60 is a murder machine with a 100 round belt, the ability to install a grip to counter the recoil (necessary, really) and dude, the sweetest firing sound on any gun in the game. While I prefer the Stoner, my brother swears by this one.

Stoner63My favourite LMG. It's got a very high rate of fire. Seriously, FAMAS/SMG level, but still with LMG damage. It destroys everything even if you barely press the button, and its got very manageable recoil (though I wouldn't suggest putting an ACOG on it, that doesn't quite work. You do really need to have extended mags, as you chew through its 30-round magazine. Ofcourse, that's barely enough, so Scavenger is a practical necessity. Its iron sights do look awesome, but are unwieldy, so tack on Warlord and a Reflex or RDS.

Sniper Rifles

DragunovIt looks nice, it reloads nice, it's reticle is cool, and it's got a 10 round mag that can be upgraded to 15. What more could you want? Just lie down somewhere and mown down the enemy in groups. This is my favourite sniper rifle so far.

WA2000I don't like how it looks, and I don't like the fact that the only thing it has to make up for it lower ammo capacity to the Dragunov is slightly lower recoil.

L96This sniper rifle can one shot kill someone if you shit him in stomach or groin. That is, if you manage to hit him there, which is hard considering this rifle has a 5 round mag, huge scope sway (you don't know where it'll end up if you steady it) and is bolt-action, greatly limiting fire rate. S K I P

That's all for now. :-)

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