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    Wait, wait what? 

    You mean to tell me that we might need quickscoping in Advanced Warfare? But why? 

    Well, the answer is yes. And here's why:

    AW's exo movement system has made it more fast paced than before. That normally means that people are harder to hit in general. Also, with their boosting abilities, upgraded UAVs, Target Enhancers, Trackers and tracking drones, and the threat grenade, posting up in one spot has literally become impossible. Testing from the Exo Stim now makes targets a three-shot kill for snipers, compared to a five shot kill for ARs and pistols, and a six shot kill for SMGs. I assume Sledgehammer used the Ghosts method of lowering hipfire boxes. Also, according to Daniel Kross, here's a point he made in this video:


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  • Gundam Legilis

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Arthur, aka Gundam Legilis. I don't do much on this wiki often, but I have been a fan of COD for at least 4 years now.

    I wanted to talk to you about Jonathan Irons in Advanced Warfare.

    Yes, he seems like an archetypal, vengeful power hungry, democracy hating, hypocritical dictator. But when it comes to the American Foreign policy, he hits home and is 100 percent correct.

    Now, I have lived "close" to the United States and watched the news. And please don't flame me for being an "America-hater", it's just that I disagree with most of the stuff they have done overseas- I'm not talking about the cause- Al Qaeda and ISIS can burn in hell, but their methods and attitude.

    Irons points out that the modus operandi of the American Fo…

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