Wait, wait what? 

You mean to tell me that we might need quickscoping in Advanced Warfare? But why? 

Well, the answer is yes. And here's why:

AW's exo movement system has made it more fast paced than before. That normally means that people are harder to hit in general. Also, with their boosting abilities, upgraded UAVs, Target Enhancers, Trackers and tracking drones, and the threat grenade, posting up in one spot has literally become impossible. Testing from the Exo Stim now makes targets a three-shot kill for snipers, compared to a five shot kill for ARs and pistols, and a six shot kill for SMGs. I assume Sledgehammer used the Ghosts method of lowering hipfire boxes. Also, according to Daniel Kross, here's a point he made in this video:

TL:DW The sniping zoom in on snipers has been removed, and the sway on snipers has increased more than ever before, compared to ARs, which literally has no ADS sway. This applies even if you lie prone and snipe normally, making it even harder for you to snipe at all.

So, in short, Quickscoping is a necessary tactic to use the snipers in the game. 

Some of you will complain about how easy it is to die from a single shot, or how unrealistic it is. Believe me, I have been on the receiving end of a quickscoper many times in the past.

But, with all this constant patching against snipers, we might as well remove them entirely from the game! No point in keeping them here! (sarcasm)

I want things to improve for snipers, including quickscopers. It's the art of firing at long range. It requires more skill than automatic, burst and semi-auto weapons because there is a delay. TL:DR, slower RoF than most weapons, so much easier to dump all your rounds with any other weapon except for snipers. It teaches people that one shot, one kill really matters. Please, everyone, Condrey, Schofeld, Reisberg and the community, please stop bashing on snipers and make snipers equal like many other weapons in the game, so that sniping is still relevant and competitive in AW.

-Gundam Legilis

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