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  • GunsSwordsFlames

    Just like Black Ops last year, MW3 copies where stolen in a delivery truck south of Paris. Two armed robbers with tear gas and knives only hijack a truck that is 400g of Euros full of only MW3.

    Ironically, this almost sounds like No Russian without the killing and the gameplay takes place in Paris. And a two-men coop in MW3 with two skill men hijackers makes things really interesting...


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  • GunsSwordsFlames

    Gamespot got us some news about multiplayer maps in CODXP2011. Some of them we know and some of them that are cancelled as well. The panelist who created the maps had this to say about making maps.LINK

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  • GunsSwordsFlames

    This is honestly getting sad. I know that gaming competitiveness is needed for hardcore gaming but this is a totally different story. LINK

    Another backlash to activision. This is why we can't get along.

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  • GunsSwordsFlames

    as stated in this blog, there was a mentioning of a survival mode map called "Paris". This interview is part of Gamescom 2011 MW3 survival preview:

    We got to play on the Paris map, which was a medium-sized chunk of urban devastation where alleyways, bridges, and demolished houses made for some interesting routes throughout the map. Of course, you don't have to go anywhere--you just have to survive. The twist, as you might have guessed, is that the waves of enemies ramp up in difficulty and sheer ridiculousness the longer you survive. While you start against a small handful of on-foot soldiers, you eventually have to deal with attack dogs strapped with C4, heavily armored juggernauts, and even attack choppers.


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  • GunsSwordsFlames

    It is confirmed from N-Space that MW3 will be also for the NDS

    source: LINK

    also said on twitter as well : LINK

    that all I have for now.

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